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Hades and Doom collide in hellish new top down horror shooter

Kill Knight blends Hades' top down viewpoint with Doom and Devil Daggers' infernal setting to create a new spin on arcade shooting.

Doom and Hades collide in new top down horror shooter: A knight in a spiked helmet, from Kill Knight.

Hell is always a good videogame setting. This has been obvious ever since Doom first set players loose within the inferno to dispatch waves of snarling demons, and its continued to be the case in games like Metal: Hellsinger, Hades, Diablo 4, and the wonderful Devil Daggers. Clearly, at least a few game makers out there agree with us, as evidenced by the announcement of a new, hell set shooter called, delightfully enough, Kill Knight.

Kill Knight is an isometric shooter with grainy, hyper stylized visuals reminscient of FPS game Devil Daggers. The announcement trailer gives a great indication of the game’s decidedly grim tone, a demonic voice introducing the game’s setting, a blood red nightmare realm that calls to mind the classic comic series Berserk, as “a castle, a place below hell itself.”

From there, we’re shown the protagonist, the corpse of a knight within a living suit of armor, rampaging through waves of vicious enemies with a sword and gun. Kill Knight is set to include plenty of weapons, battles that emphasize Doom style aggression through a system where speed and damage (or Kill Power) are boosted the longer the knight survives, and a series of difficulty levels that will allow players to test their skills against increasingly brutal degrees of challenge.

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We don’t have a concrete launch date yet for Kill Knight, but it’s planned to come out this year. More information is available on its Steam page, which you can visit right here.

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