Sony’s Adam Boyes joins Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy Studios

Adam Boyes

It’s ya Boyes. He’s back, he’s left PlayStation and he’s teaming up with Iron Galaxy Studios to drop the most fire album of the decade. Well, he’s going to help them publish some games, probably. 

I wonder what they’ll contribute to our list of upcoming PC games.

Boyes – best known asPlayStation’s VP of third-party relations and developer technology group – and Iron Galaxy Studios – best known for assistingdevelopment of BioShock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as developing Killer Instinct – are teaming up.

Adam Boyes is now CEO of Iron Galaxy, and it’s all likely related to the studio’s recent publishing push. That’s where Boyes’ strengths lie, after all.

In the shake-up, the former director of product development, Chelsea Blasko, has now been named chief product officer.Meanwhile, studio founder, Dave Lang, will continue to oversee Iron Galaxy’s strategic vision, direction, and business development.

“I am extremely excited to have Adam and Chelsea join the leadership team at Iron Galaxy,” said Lang. “Adam is a seasoned professional who can expand and evolve the publishing arm of our business, while Chelsea, who has been with us since inception, can manage and drive the teams forward as we execute against a grander vision.

“With Adam in place, Chelsea and I can focus on cultivating talent, managing our teams and delivering great product.”

“I’ve always had a passion for game development and I’m extremely excited to be getting closer to it with my move to Iron Galaxy,” Boyes added. “I’m honoured to be working with such a talented team and look forward to creating opportunities and crafting deals that deliver their products to a wider audience.”

In a press release, the studio highlighted Boyes’ experience with cultivating “deep relationships with many of the most influential publishers and developers in the games industry”, stating that they plan to have him leverage these relationships to grow Iron Galaxy’s revenue potential.