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Watch a cyborg bowman beat up a dinosaur in new Killer Instinct trailer

Killer Instinct Season 3

Update June 15, 2017: A new trailer for the next character in Killer Instinct, Eagle, has been shown off at E3. On top of admiring some of his skills, you can watch him pummel a few characters from Killer Instinct’s absurd roster.

There’s a bit of a story told in the trailer, too, for those of you who want to catch up on what’s happened in Killer Instinct so far, but really, we’re all here for the cyborg bowman and his robot eagle – be honest. Who needs Assassin’s Creed Origins’ bird when you have a robot eagle?

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Eagle is coming out June 27, two weeks from now – this is your ticket to the hype train.

Original May 29, 2017:Continuing to up the roster since the game was released three and a half years ago, the folks behind Killer Instinct have announced its next character: Eagle.

Fulfilling the role of the obligatory bird-themed archer (and ripping off Native American culture) that so many games have, Eagle is coming to Killer Instinct in June. He’s the 29th character in the game, and is coming out after E3, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks before he’s going to be available, according to the game’s community manager.

So far, all we’ve got to look at is a short teaser, but he seems to be a cyborg man with a robot eagle that drops arrows for him to pick up. Other than that, there’s no real gameplay, as it just seems to be a recut of his introductory sequence.

He’s one of the characters from the original game back in 1994, but was never playable, until now. Apparently, he’s Thunder’s brother, and has been brainwashed and turned into a Fulgore Mk. III, a kind of cyborg soldier. Basically, he was a good guy, now he might be a sort of bad guy because he was brainwashed. The usual.