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Best Killer Klowns from Outer Space Klowns, weapons, and tricks

The best KKfOS weapons are out of the ordinary as you unlock cotton candy guns and boxing gloves, and these are the game’s top wacky weapons.

Rudy holds up a Cotton Candy Gun, one of the best Killer Klowns from Outer Space weapons.

What are the best Klown builds in Killer Klowns from Outer Space? Success in any asymmetrical multiplayer game comes down to a combination of your own skill and in-game abilities. You might be great at Dead By Daylight or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but you’re better with the right perks. Killer Klowns likewise need their tricks.

The great thing about the titular killers in Killer Klowns from Outer Space the Game is that they are almost entirely customizable. Your base killer model is determined by your Klown type, which also affects your stats, and there are preset loadouts for each. However, once you’ve unlocked all weapons in the multiplayer game, any Klown type can use any cotton candy gun, secondary weapon, and tricks, leaving it entirely up to you which you use. Below, we’ve ranked the best KKfOS weapons, Klowns, and tricks for you to put together.

Shorty, the Brawler, one of the best Killer Klowns from Outer Space Klown types, and the basis of the best KKfOS build.

Best Klown type

Tier Klown type
S Brawler
A Ranger, Tracker
B Trapper, Tank


We love Shorty. This tiny guy might not look like much, and he does have minimal health, but he’s so quick on his feet that he’s the perfect Klown type to pair with our favorite weapons and tricks.

None of the Klowns are bad, per se, even Chubby the Tank (yes, that’s his movie name) has his merits, but from hours of gameplay we’ve realized the most frustrating thing as a killer is when you can’t catch up to your prey. That’s where the Brawler excels.

Utilizing the strongest loadout, Shorty can catch up to Humans then hit them with an attack. Plus, his short stature makes him harder for Humans to spot from a distance. We love a short king.

Ranger and Tracker

If the Brawler is a little too weak for you and you don’t want all your focus to be on speed and agility, then we recommend one of the two middle-ground Klowns, Ranger and Tracker. These guys both have fairly balanced stats and 300 base HP, more than Trapper and Brawler. Relatively quick and half-decent in a fight, these guys are great starter Klowns and are consistent across the board.

Spiky holds up one of the best Killer Klowns from Outer Space Cotton Candy Guns, a wide grin on his face.

Best Klown Cotton Candy guns

Your primary weapon as a Killer Klown must always be a Cotton Candy gun. These weapons allow you to encase Humans in cotton candy, turning them into cocoons that you can hook to Lackey generators. These guns can be used on moving and downed targets, but your best bet might be to down them with your secondary weapon before covering them in cotton candy. Humans can free themselves from the cocoon with a sharp weapon, or can be rescued by another player. If they fail to do so, they will eventually suffocate to death, and each cocoon you can hook up is a valuable addition to triggering an early Klownpocalypse.

Tier Cotton Candy Gun
S Gigaray, Bouncecaster
A Cotton Candy, Raygun Laser Beamer
B Pentashot


The Gigaray is most similar to the Raygun thanks to its long reaching beam. However, the Gigaray is much more powerful, but it also requires a long charge up. As long as you start charging as you approach your target, it shouldn’t hold you up too much.


The Bouncecaster is the cotton candy weapon with the longest range, but we’ve had more success using this gun differently. Instead of using the explosive cotton candy bombs at a distance, you will have more success by focusing on well-aimed, close-range shots. This gives you the ability to cocoon a fully healthy Human in just three hits.

A player Klown punches forward with the Gobstopper Flail, one of the best Killer Klowns from Outer Space Klown weapons.

Best secondary Klown weapons

Your secondary weapon can down a Human with enough successful hits. Once downed, you can either encase them in cotton candy or hit them with a Klowntality to immediately remove them from the game. Just remember, Humans can revive from a downed state, so choose wisely.

Tier Secondary Weapon
S Popcorn Bazooka, Gobstopper Flail
A Jawbreaker Mace, Klown Mallet
B Boxing Gloves

Popcorn Bazooka

The Popcorn Bazooka was incredibly powerful during early access. So much so, in fact, that it was nerfed before the full Killer Klowns from Outer Space release date. Still, this excellent weapon tops the list as it’s the only one with a double use, as covering a target with popcorn leaves them trackable for a short time. This makes it harder for them to lose you and near impossible for them to use healing items. Combine that with the tremendous damage this weapon deals, and you’re knocking Humans down in seconds, despite the nerfs.

Gobstopper Flail

The Gobstopper Flair is a very close second to the Popcorn Bazooka. Like the Bazooka, the Flail also excels in range, hitting hard while also catching Humans who get some distance on you, which can help in chase. This also means you can keep your distance from them and their steel pipes and frying pans.

A player Klown lures in an unsuspecting human player with Hypnotic Lure, one of the best Killer Klowns from Outer Space Klown tricks.

Best Klown tricks

Your first two trick slots are assigned to Klown Jump and LOL as standard, and only your third trick can be altered. Klown Jump allows you to teleport across the map, as long as you or your teammates have already explored the area, while LOL gives you a brief boost to speed and damage.

Tier Trick
S Hypnotic Lure
A Pizza Box
B Invisible Car, Balloon Dog

Hypnotic Lure

While the Pizza Box and Invisible Car help you deal damage, there is no better Klown trick than the Hypnotic Lure, so don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s one of the first to unlock. Pair this with the best weapons you have unlocked, and make sure you know how to switch between them quickly.

When activated, Hypnotic Lure puts a nearby Human into a trance and pulls them towards you, unable to move or fight. You only have a few seconds once the lure ends before they snap out of it, so whip out your gun or melee weapon and get some hits in. With the right weapons and timing, you can down or cocoon Humans before they have a chance to come around.

Pizza Box

The Pizza Box is an adorable nod to the movie, and is complimented by the Ding Dong Pizza Klownpocalypse, as well. This trick isn’t massively powerful, but it does give you the chance to sneak up on the survivor somewhat unexpected. Turning yourself into a pizza box, you can run around the map. Approaching a Human, you can leap from the box, dealing an uppercut and stunning the human for a brief moment, giving you a chance to deal additional damage or land some cotton candy hits.

Now, just combine our favorite KKfOS Klowns, weapons, and tricks to build the best loadout you can, or tweak it slightly to meet your own gameplay preferences. We would also recommend trying everything as you unlock it, because nothing here is terrible. If you’re perfecting your gameplay using the best Killer Klowns from Outer Space Humans as well, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with all the KKfOS exits using our guide. Also, don’t forget to check out our Killer Klowns from Outer Space review if you haven’t already.