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Killing Floor 2 is now on Steam Early Access. Let the slaughter commence.

Killing Floor 2 Early Access

Tripwire’s gore-drenched zombiethon Killing Floor 2 is now available to buy. The developer has chosen the Early Access route, allowing the game out the gates before it’s completely finished, in order to gether player feedback in advance of a complete release later in 2015.

Killing Floor 2 costs £19.99/$29.99/€26.99 at base price, although more expensive Digital Deluxe versions are available. The game is considered a “polished beta”, containing all core gameplay with no breaking bugs, but a few glitches will certainly be present. Content-wise, the basic elements are there but will be significantly expanded with new levels, weapons, and perks over the course of the Early Access period.

If you were to buy right now you’d be able to play solo or co-op on three levels, using four perks, 27 weapons, seven characters, and shooting the undead heck out of eleven different zombie creatures. If three levels sounds a bit thin, Mod SDK support is available to create your own custom levels.

Our Fraser has already been playing around with the Early Access version of the game, and found a very promising shooter among the gallons of spilt blood and guts.