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Killing Floor 2 gets big, free Halloween update in Last Hans Standing

Killing Floor 2 Last Hans Standing is a free update for Halloween 2023 in the co-op zombie FPS game, and includes a new map and mode along with balance changes.

When it comes to blasting the undead with your friends, Killing Floor 2 is my pick. Sure, the likes of Valve’s Left 4 Dead and Turtle Rock’s Back 4 Blood have a lot going for them, but there’s a slightly tighter, more frantic feel to Tripwire Interactive’s take on the co-op zombie game that pushes it ahead of the pack for me. Now, a big, free Killing Floor 2 update titled Last Hans Standing has launched to celebrate Halloween 2023.

Killing Floor 2 Last Hans Standing is a free update for the multiplayer zombie game that’s out right now. Hidden deep in the Alpine mists, the fortress of Castle Volter has been discovered and determined to be the location of Hans Volter’s own personal clone laboratory, where he’s churning out endless copies of himself. This new map is playable in survival, weekly, and endless game modes, and it’s a stunning location that draws inspiration from the likes of Resident Evil and even Castlevania.

Fortunately, Horzine has put bounties on some of the most dangerous Zeds out there, tasking you with taking down specific targets in each wave to claim huge Dosh rewards – but the longer you take to bring them down in a round, the more dangerous they’ll grow.

Bounty Hunt is the weekly outbreak mode right now, then, but also included with this update is the new ability to pick any weekly update mode you want at any time. “We agreed that the heavily requested ability for players to set their weekly outbreaks is a must,” Tripwire says.

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Also included in the update is a new backup pistol, the HRG 93R burst-fire handgun. It’s a bit stronger than the trusty 9mm, although as you might expect it’s a little less precise, and it can be dual-wielded. There’s also a new paid DLC weapon, the MG3 Shredder – a tier five machine gun that can split between standard auto fire and special ‘shredder rounds’ that split into a wide fan formation at the cost of your firing speed.

A number of balance changes have been included as well. Tripwire says these are mostly community-driven adjustments, including tweaks to the Killerwatt to make it feel a little more comfortable to use. Recovery rates for the Head Hunter and Reductor Ray have been reduced, and a crosshair has been introduced for the HRG Vampire.

Meanwhile, three support skills that have long felt a little underwhelming are getting some love. Fortitude now grants a 10% defense boost alongside its health buff, the Armor Piercing Shots give you 10% perk weapon damage along with the penetration buff, and Zed Time Penetrator now also allows you to reload in real time during the slow-motion sequences. Ammo prices for the rather hungry SWAT have also been lowered.

Killing Floor 2 Last Hans Standing - A shirtless figure with a mask over its face is wired up in a chamber filled with green smog.

The Killing Floor 2 Halloween update Last Hans Standing is out now. You can see all the additions and balance changes in detail in the full Killing Floor patch notes on Steam, courtesy of Tripwire Interactive.

If you’ve never jumped into Killing Floor 2 before, it’s well worth a look this Halloween season – just make sure to run your eyes over the Killing Floor 2 system requirements first. We’ve also rounded up the best co-op games if you’re after more to play with your pals.