Killing Floor 3 release date speculation, trailers, and gameplay

Seven years on from the last game, a surprise Gamescom trailer reveals Killing Floor 3 is coming, with more Horzine Zeds coming back from the dead.

Killing Floor 3 release date: a close up of a Fleshpound baring its many rows of teeth, red lights glowing from the headset fixed over its eyes.

When is the Killing Floor 3 release date? It’s been nearly seven years since Killing Floor 2 was released, bringing Horzine Biotech’s Zeds to a more single-player friendly format following the 6-player co-op experience of the first game. If you thought the series was dead after the less popular VR game of 2017, we’ve got news for you.

We’d like to think we willed Killing Floor 3 into existence with our speculation when Behaviour Interactive acquired Killing Floor co-creators Antimatter Games. Whether you have us to thank for manifesting the game or not, a sneak peek during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 confirmed that the survival game is in development. Here’s what we know about a potential Killing Floor 3 release date window, gameplay, and more.

Key art for Killing Floor 3 showing an army of Fleshpound Zeds.

Killing Floor 3 release date speculation

The Killing Floor 3 release date will likely be sometime in late 2024 across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. There’s almost no chance Killing Floor 3 launches within the next year as the reveal trailer is largely pre-rendered, with only a fraction of it showing what could be in-game footage.

Many games have been teased during Gamescom over the years, but unless devs use the platform to reveal a release date, these games are typically in early development. Our best guess then is that Killing Floor 3 launches sometime around late 2024 at the earliest. The last main game in the series, Killing Floor 2, was released in November 2016, while the VR game, Killing floor: Incursion, was released late the following year.

A Fleshpound lies on an operating table in the first Killing Floor 3 trailer.

Killing Floor 3 trailers

The only Killing Floor 3 trailer so far starts with a large humanoid creature strapped to an operating table, revealed to have been created for this sole purpose. Its chest is ripped apart using a large wheel saw and a glowing core is fitted into the gaping chasm of flesh. Once the transformation process ends, the scene reveals hundreds of terrifying Fleshpounds, one of the most brutal enemies in the Killing Floor series.

From there, it looks as though plenty of familiar Zed specimens return in Killing Floor 3, including the Husk, while a boss that seems to be a more brutal upgrade of King Fleshpound can also be seen toward the end of the trailer.

Killing Floor 3 details: A large Fleshpound leaves a hole in the wall behind him, as long spiked arm attachments trail on the floor and the player points a gun towards it.

Killing Floor 3 gameplay

From what we know so far, the gameplay of Killing Floor 3 appears to be consistent with the previous two main games. According to the announcement trailer’s description on the official Tripwire Interactive YouTube channel, you join forces “with up to five teammates to battle waves of Zeds, earn dosh, unlock skills, and build the ultimate arsenal.”

The game takes place in 2091, and you play as a member of the Nightfall rebel group in trying to take down the destructive Horzine corporation. In the 70 years since Killing Floor 2, Horzine has developed a massive army of Zeds, and as a Nightfall representative, it’s up to you to try and bring them down.

That is what we know about Killing Floor 3 so far, but we’ll keep adding to this guide the more Tripwire Interactive updates us, so if you’re excited, chuck a bookmark on it. While you wait, you could always replay the other Killing Floor games, or try one of our other favorite horror games right now. Alternatively, there are plenty of non-horror FPS games around too if you’re looking for something a little less gory.