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Kingdom: Classic giveaway proves people love free games, currently rivals GTA5 player count

kingdom classic free game player count

Kingdom is a side-scroller about exploring a fantasy landscape and building your titular kingdom. You collect gold, recruit villagers, and defend what you’ve built in minimalist adventure filled with gorgeous sights and sounds. An expanded edition called Kingdom: New Lands released year, and now the original Kingdom: Classic is free to claim on Steam.

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All you have to do is sign in, hit the Steam page, and add Kingdom: Classic to your library. The giveaway is going on today only, so hurry up for it.

It turns out that an astronomical number of people have already taken advantage of the offer, and it’s currently the fifth most popular game on Steam with over 60,000 concurrent players. For reference, it peaked on its original release in 2015 at 3,434 concurrent players. This is a pretty insane level of popularity, even for free giveaway.

Developers Noio have got to be especially pleased with it, since they’ve also got a big sale on the game’s expanded follow-up, New Lands, which has a bit of free DLC launching today. The Steam page is pretty cagey about what the Skull Island expansion actually includes, but it is apparently “challenging AF.”