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Bug fixes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance are two weeks away

Kingdom Come Deliverance

It’ll take two weeks to fix bugs affecting gameplay in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Despite a day-one patch more than 20GB in size, the game’s creative director Daniel Vavra says fixes won’t be released until some time around the end of the month.

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Vavra tweeted last night to say that Warhorse Studios “are aware about the bugs that could happen and are working hard on fixing them.” But while the patch will reportedly fix several issues with quest bugs and frame-rate drops, Vavra says that the patch isn’t set to drop for “approx 2 weeks.”

The quest bugs don’t seem to have reared their ugly heads for many players just yet, but Vavra did show off a video of a guard launching a flying jump kick the entire way across a moat. PCGN’s very own Kirk says he found a boar found frozen in the middle of the road, and upon killing it, was laden down with more than 100 fresh boar steaks. Both of those are quite funny, but the game bugging out in the middle of a quest (especially since saving is quite complicated) would be significantly less amusing. With that in mind, two full weeks feels like quite a long time to wait.