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Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets beta date


Kingdom Come: Deliverance sure looks interesting. Delivering a medieval RPG with the fantasy completely stripped out. It’s Arma with a broadsword.

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Originally the beta was due this year, but it’s been pushed back to Q1 2016.

There hasn’t been much new information over the past few months, and creative director Daniel Vavra explained why in a new developer diary, stating that the studio has been busy, you know, actually making the game.

Warhorse Studios are planning to be feature locked by the end of this year, meaning they can spend 2016 focused on polishing what’s there and finishing the story, which currently sits at 2,500 pages of screenplay.

All going to plan, a beta is being released early next year and it will include most of the core game mechanics, several quests from the main storyline, a small-scale battle, and a map that will cover around 1/5 of the complete world map.

It looks to be Kingdom Coming along nicely.


Anyway, you can watch the rather interesting developer diary below: