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Some cockney git will nick your sword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Kingdom Come: Deliverance has got a new trailer that sheds new light on its story. It involves a sword and a succession war.

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You play Henry, a blacksmith’s son. Your own sword, which you forged with your old da’, is taken from you in a mercenary raid ordered by King Sigismund. Out for vengeance, you’re thrust into a civil war, as Sigismund has usurped the throne from its true (but feeble) heir, King Wenceslas.

So a humble blacksmith’s son is drawn into a grand conflict – classic stuff, but Kingdom Come is a rarity among RPGs in that it strives for historical accuracy. This succession war actually happened, and the effects of medieval weapons and armour are modelled realistically.

Does it work? We should be able to tell you soon; Kingdom Come is at E3 and so are we, so come on back to PCGamesN for more on the game in the next week or so. It’s due out on February 13 next year. In the meantime, you can learn more at the website, or on Steam.