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Kingdom Come encourages you not to with an achievement for staying a virgin

kingdom come deliverance virgin achievement

Videogames are pretty willing to let you have sex these days. A handful of correct dialog options, a few hours of adventure, and you can bone it up with pretty much any romantic partner of your choosing. Games like Mass Effect offer an achievement for sealing the deal, while the first Witcher went to the questionable lengths of giving out trading cards for every partner met. But now, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is offering a reward for the art of celibacy.

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The game’s list of trophies for PlayStation 4 recently went live, and among the awards is “Virgin,” which requires you to “Stay celibate and complete the entire game as a virgin.” You may joke that this is the easiest achievement ever, but if the game’s anything like many recent big RPGs, it’ll be tough to walk through a town without tripping into an open brothel.

Steam achievements are listed among the game’s features on Valve’s storefront, so presumably you’ll be duly rewarded for abstinence on PC as well. Lest you think Kingdom Come is getting too stodgy, achievements like “McLovin” and “Casanova” reward you for completing romance stories, and one called “Bad Trip” suggests you “Dance with the Devil.” Yikes.