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Chivalry meets GTA 5 in wild new Steam sandbox game

Medieval sandbox game Kingmakers released its first full trailer, and trust us, you'll want to brace yourself before watching this one.

Steam game Kingmakers‘ first full trailer just released, and it’s one for the history books. Well, we say that, but the zany twist in the footage indicates that the game’s medieval slant isn’t quite as historically accurate as it first appears.

Kingmakers‘ trailer opens with impressive battle sequences, the frame packed with armored soldiers and muddy combat. The footage shows awesome in-game physics, hints at strategic gameplay, and features a Scottish narrator who’ll make you want to rewatch Braveheart. Then a modern-day truck roars onto the battlefield and mows through hordes of people.

The trailer takes a turn for the worse if you’re one of the sword and shield-wielding soldiers now facing off against playable characters with guns and vehicles. If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto’s style of gung-ho multiplayer and have a taste for strategy games, however, it’s a turn for the better. As it turns out, you can bulldoze your way through enemies in this game with a little help from the future.

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Developed by Redemption Road Games and published by tinyBuild, in Kingmakers you can build a kingdom, mix modern and medieval weaponry, and lead an army into huge simulated battles, both in single-player and co-op. Built in Unreal Engine by a 20-person dev team, it looks like delightful utter chaos.

Players partial to simulation games with zany ‘what if’ twists will want to pay close attention to this action-packed sandbox. Inspired by beloved titles like Mount and Blade, Kingmakers has a planned 2024 Steam release date. And in the meantime, we’ve got plenty of the best action-adventure games to keep us busy.

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