LawBreakers trailer shows you how to be a gun-toting, boost-jumping Enforcer


The latest LawBreakers trailer gives us a quick look at the Enforcer class, which looks to be the closest to a regular rifleman class in this FPS where death often comes from a buff man leaping 20 feet over your head.

Our list of the best FPS games is full of stuff that’s already out, so why not get stuck into that for now.

On the side of the Law is Axel, a bald man who says stuff that thirteen-year-olds might think are cool. On the Breakers side is Kintaro, a appearance obsessed numpty who likes shooting people.

I still can’t believe they’ve just split the title of the game in half to name the two factions. Like, they break the law of gravity, so the name itself is fine, but then you have the blue guys called Law and the Red guys called Breakers and it makes me do a big fat nope.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse at what the class brings to the FPS: