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League of Legends 4.10 fiddles with the marksmen and brings big changes to Nidalee and Skarner

League of Legends

League of Legends 4.10 went live yesterday. The two big changes are the updates to Nidalee and Skarner and some improvements for the marksmen like Vayne and Lucian. 

Take a gander below so you know what to expect when you fire it up.

Playing Nidalee no longer means chucking spears for eternity. There’s a stronger focus on her shapeshifting ability.Her cougar form is now more connected to offense, and Nidalee players will need to balance out their desire to hunt down enemies and pick them off with her escape potential. There’s a dance between fight or flight.

The Skarner update brings him back to his original role as a disruptive tank. His offensive powers have been scaled back a bit, but he now has more functionality when left on his own, without a team to back him up.

Marksmen will see a bunch of attack damage and speed itemisation tweaks as well as lifesteal changes. Riot’s goal is to open up early and mid game item builds while creating parity between burst-focused and auto attack-focused marksmen

The World Cup Champion skins will also be released during this update, if that’s your thing.

Check out the full patch notes to see how your playstyle will be affected by the changes.