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League of Legends’ Primetime Draven wants to axe you a question

Primetime Draven: same grin, same facial hair, different planet.

Draven is fast becoming League of Legends’ Deadpool: a charmingly self-centered champion less likely to uphold the fourth wall than tip it on its side and use it as a coffee table. About a month ago, the LoL community went wild for voiceover lines leaked from a new commentator-ribbing Draven skin. This weekend, Primetime Draven went live.

“After taking the world by storm with his fast-paced, caustic commentary, the hot-tempered host wants more,” say Riot. “It’s time to show the amateurs how it’s done, and if he gets to eviscerate a few newbs along the way, even better.”

Still armed with his wrist-mounted axes but now gripping a microphone in each hand, Primetime Draven is in the business of commentating his own matches as he plays them. That’ll sound something like this:

Primetime Draven made his first appearance at the LCS London Roadshow this weekend, and is already live on the League of Legends store for 975 RP. There’s no rush, though: Riot say his discount will be permanent, as a “thank you for helping grow esports as much as you have”.

I guess references to kill-stealing and common item purchases are part of LoL lore now. Do you think celebrations of eSports have a place in the lanes?

Thanks, Reign of Gaming.