LoL Arena tier list – best team comps according to Riot and us

If you want to win in the Arena, you’re going to have to know which teams work, and who the best champs are. Here are the best team comps for LoL Arena mode.

League of Legends Arena mode tier list: a female wearing an eye patch dives backwars and fires both of her handguns in an explosion of color.

11/08/2023 Updated the LoL Arena tier list to show the current top ten team comps.

What are the best team comps in the League of Legends Arena mode? Arena is a 2v2v2v2 competition, pitting four teams of two champions against each other in increasingly deadly rounds until only one remains. It’s all-action, and frankly, a ton of fun, but it can be extremely tough if you don’t know what team compositions work well, as what works on the Rift doesn’t necessarily work in the Arena.

The free PC game doesn’t add new game modes very often, and what they did have (Twisted Treeline) was removed a long time ago to consolidate the playlists. Arena mode, however, has gained huge support while on the PBE, with peons like us, creators, and even pros testing their combat prowess in League of Legends’ frenetic new mode. If you plan on stepping into the Arena, you’re going to want to know what kind of team composition works best, as choosing ineffectual champions will mean an early exit for you and your partner. Here’s our opinion on what League of Legends team comps work best in Arena, as well as an exclusive from the devs at Riot.

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Best League of Legends Arena team comps

Here are the best team comps for League of Legends Arena mode:

  • Annie and Fiora
  • Taric and Fiora
  • Jax and Taric
  • Kayle and Fiora
  • Taric and Vayne
  • Teemo and Fiora
  • Jax and Ivern
  • Taric and Samira
  • Kayle and Warwick
  • Annie and Jax

It’s important to note here that while you can make almost anything work while in a game of Summoner’s Rift, Arena mode is a little more unforgiving. The rounds are fast and furious, and you won’t last long if you aren’t prepared.

Early on, the meta skewed towards bruisers – champions that could both take and deal a large amount of damage seemed like a no-brainer for a game mode that is basically non-stop fighting. This has made way for a slightly more nuanced approach in the past few weeks, however. Champions with CC and those whose passive and active abilities complement one another will nearly always overtake the thick-headed bash-anything-in-your-way approach (although that always has a place in our hearts).

As always, play what you’re good at, but take these team comps into consideration for your next game of Arena

Best LoL arena mode team comps according to Riot

In a PCGN exclusive, League of Legends’ Modes Product Lead, Eduardo Cortejoso revealed that his favorite team comps, and augments, for arena mode are:

  • Master Yi and Blade Waltz
  • Dr Mundo and Perseverance
  • Any Yordle and Goliath
  • Mordekaiser and Kha’zix 

While these best LoL Arena team comps are super effective, the real beauty of this game mode is experimentation. There are so many different combinations, so get out there and have fun, and if you’re new to the MOBA, we have the best LoL champs for beginners, and even an overall LoL tier list if you’re itching to take the fight to the Rift.