LoL tier list 13.10 – the best League of Legends champions 2023

It’s vital to know who the most overpowered champions are if you want to win more games, so our LoL tier list will help you gain LP and climb the ranks.

League of Legends tier list: an assassin with bright red hair and a dagger in each hand.

Looking for a League of Legends tier list? Metas change, the LoL tier list will fluctuate, and it could be that your favourite champion might not be in a great place right now. While you can absolutely win games and climb the ranked ladder with nearly anyone in the lower ranks, the changes that come via champion and item balancing can tip the scales enough that some picks are almost mandatory, regardless of which rank you play in.

We’ve put together a few picks for each lane that have become especially overpowered recently in League of Legends. Whether it’s due to a buff, kit change, or item change, these are safe picks if you’re looking to climb the solo queue ranks in the free PC game. If you do want to play something other than what’s on this list, keep these champions in mind for your ban, as they all have the potential to go on and dominate Summoner’s Rift in one of the best MOBAs you can play right now.

Best top lane champions in LoL

The top lane can be quite a lonely place at times; a lot of the action during the laning phase is generally located in the bottom half of the Rift, mainly thanks to drakes and the duo nature of the bottom lane. This means that you need a champion with sustainability, mobility, and consistent damage. Top is also a very long lane, so having a pick with CC included in their kit will make punishing an enemy for overstepping very easy. Here are the best top laners in LoL:

LoL tier list: Jax, a cloaed martial artist wields a flaming staff


Jax received a mid-scope update to his kit which added AP scalings as well as altering his ultimate ability; a 100% AP scaling and stacking of magic resistance and armor on Jax’s R makes this an excellent all-in tool or the perfect way to escape a gank.

Jax has constantly high damage and can easily stay safe in lane. With both a leap and a defensive stun in his kit, there isn’t much opportunity for the enemy team to catch you out as long as you play smart and don’t push without knowing the whereabouts of the enemy jungler.

Core item build: Divine Sunderer > Blade of the Ruined King > Spear of Shojin.

LoL tier list: Darius, a fearsome warrior in shiny armour a blood red cloth, wields a huge axe


A perennial top lane menace. Darius has hovered around the top of the top lane meta for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. His kit revolves around running down foes, stacking bleeds from his autos and abilities, and finishing opponents off with a satisfying dunk.

Darius not only has a pull and a slow in his kit, but he heals from the amount his enemy bleeds, so being aggressive in lane can pay off big if you’re clever with your skirmishes. Taking ghost lets you chase down an overextended lane opponent or escape a gank, and if you opt for Trinity Force as your first item, the mobility on this bruiser can rival almost anyone.

Core item build: Trinity Force > Death’s Dance > Dead Man’s Plate/Force of Nature (depending on lane opponent)

Other S-tier top lane champions: Gangplank, Kled, and Olaf.

Best jungle champions in LoL

The jungle role is perhaps the most influential in League of Legends. A good jungler will be able to set the pace of the game in your team’s favour – pouncing on opportunities that arise in the three lanes, locking down objectives, and clearing your jungle camps will ensure both you and your team are powerful. If this sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Jungling has become slightly more beginner-friendly with emotional support pets, but can be brutal if you fall behind. Here are the best jungle champions in LoL:

LoL tier list: a man in golden armour swings a huge lance.

Jarvan IV

If you’re after a champion who can tank a lot of damage whilst also outputting a serious amount of hurt to your opponents, Jarvan IV might just be the Jungler for you. Great engage potential with his flag-and-drag combo (E > W) and an ultimate ability that completely locks your enemy down means that Jarvan IV is a force to be reckoned with.

Core item build: Goredrinker > Black Cleaver > Death’s Dance

League of Legends tier list: A shadowy figure with blades attached to each arm.


If you’re after a jungle champion whose entire identity is ganking lanes, then Nocturne is the champion for you. Once you hit level six, getting into lane with your ultimate is done with a click of your mouse, and with the bruiser build detailed below, you’ll output an obscene amount of damage while also being tanky. A true jungle menace.

Core item build: Stridebreaker > Black Cleaver > Death’s Dance

Other S-tier jungle champions: Amumu, Zac, and Elise.

Best mid lane champions in LoL

Mid lane champions are often the damage carry for their team, and as long as they play their lane correctly, they can be the menace that the opposition fears when entering the late game. The mid lane can consist of anything from artillery mage, to burst assassin, and with it being the shortest lane on Summer’s Rift, it can be quite a volatile affair. Damage is generally considered to be the most important attribute when choosing a mid lane champion, with CC a close second – you won’t be able to run your opponent down with this lane being so short, so locking them down or killing them where they stand is vital.

LoL champion tier list: A small child and her giant bear are ready for their opponent


One of the oldest League of Legends champions, Annie is a great beginner champion for anyone new to the MOBA. With a simple but effective kit, she can be a menace in the mid lane, especially if you manage to get her stun to land while your Jungler is ganking. Annie’s burst damage can take people by surprise, especially when you land a giant teddy bear on top of several enemies.

Core item build: Luden’s Tempest > Shadowflame > Rabadon’s Deathcap

LoL tier list: a blue, cosmic dragon weilds galaxies as weapons

Aurelion sol

Since his re-work, Aurelion sol has been picked or banned in nearly every game of Summoner’s Rift. With incredible push power due to his fast wave-clear, and the infinite scaling of his abilities, Sol is an absolute menace in the late game. He can be countered hard in the early game by champions with high mobility, and high damage (think LeBlanc), but if you get past the laning phase, the Rift is yours to control.

Core item build: Rod of Ages > Seraph’s Embrace > Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Other S-tier mid lane champions: Vex, Lux, and Ryze.

Best bottom lane champions in LoL

The bottom lane has been in a state of disrepute for a few patches now, with a lot of Riot’s focus going on top lane, and jungle, and because of that, the ADC and support role aren’t as important as they once were. Although they still carry the potential to scale up and 1v5, it is tougher to carry a game as an ADC than it was previously.

League of Legends tier list: a blue-haired woman holding a giant rocket launcher shaped like a shark.


One of the best scaling ADCs, Jinx has a simple kit, but once she gets going, can be incredibly difficult to stop. With the recent buffs to her Zap! she has improved CC; couple that with her ramping autos, AOE attacks, and a global ultimate ability and you’ve got a recipe for destruction. Securing a kill or assist also triggers her ability to Get Excited! which massively increases her movement speed and attack speed – securing that pentakill can be a doddle provided you get fed enough early.

Core item build: Kraken Slayer > Rapid Firecannon > Infinity Edge.

LoL tier list: Name, a mermaid-like creature, holds her staff ready to defend her comrades


It used to be that a combination of Nami and Lucian was almost unstoppable in the bot lane, with their kit synergising almost too well. The overpowered duo has since been nerfed, but Nami still finds herself at the top of the pile if you’re after an enchanter support. With healing, movement buffs, and plenty of CC, you can’t go far wrong with the fishy.

Core item build: Imperial Mandate > Chemtech Putrifier > Staff of Flowing Water

Other S-tier bot lane champions: Samira, Lux, Amumu, and Heimerdinger.

Now you have the LoL tier list and know the most overpowered champions in the current patch, it’s time to get out there and start raking in the LP. It’s worth checking out our beginners guide on playing League of Legends if you’re only just getting started, and if you’re a stalwart of Summoner’s Rift, it’s probably time to find out how much you’ve spent so far – hopefully, you won’t be too shocked.