League of Legends cosplayer is the Rift (literally)

A League of Legends cosplayer has made it their goal to recreate the more obscure elements of Summoners Rift using everyday household objects

League of Legends cosplayer nails the creatures of the Rift: The shadow of a man is trapped inside the crystal of a League of Legends Nexus

Rena_Angel is a League of Legends cosplayer who takes their craft very seriously. Self-proclaimed as being ‘out of this world’, they have been recreating obscure parts of the Rift from items they find at home. Nothing appears to be off the table, with the inanimate objects taking center stage in Rena’s artistic tapestry.

Six years ago, Rena_Angel decided to completely transform their body in order to be ‘the best cosplayer’ and dropped 20% body fat, creating a leaner frame for which to hang their works of League of Legends art. In all seriousness, the change was quite impressive, and the dedication shown shines through when we examine some of their work:

League of Legends cosplayer nails the creatures of the Rift: Image comparison of the cosplay dragon and the in-game version

Here we have the Elder Dragon, sleeping soundly in the pit, knowing not of its impending doom. For the uninitiated reading this, the cosplay is on the left side of the image. To create this beauty, Rena_Angel took some sweatpants and tied them to a coat for the tail and body, respectively, while the wings were simply crafted from cardboard.

League of Legends cosplayer nails the creatures of the Rift: Comparison image showing a man with a red bag over his head, and the nexus from League of Legends

The next cosplay on offer is of the Nexus – the ultimate goal for any team on the Rift, and something rarely seen recreated by fans. This time it’s a base that’s created from cardboard, while the red crystal look is achieved by simply coating their human form with a red plastic bag. Perfection.

There are countless other cosplays from Rena_Angel, and I would strongly suggest you take a look at their Twitter feed to check them all out. Even though the recreations are low-budget, it is surprising how much of the essence of the object is captured. The level of creativity here puts me to shame. With each new entry also comes a how-to guide on achieving the look yourself.

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