Don’t play with matches: Riot clarifies its stance on third party applications in League of Legends

League of Legends

Don’t mess with the in-game experience: that’s Riot’s golden rule when it comes to League of Legends players employing third party applications. The developer apparently gets a lot of questions in regards to what types of apps are and are not acceptable, so today it clarified its stance. 

“No software should interfere directly with the in-game player experience between when you press ‘Play’ and the end of game screen.”

It’s pretty straightforward, and anyone interfering with that in-game experience can expect to have the Player Support team take action against them.

But any apps that don’t fiddle with a match can be used, though it’s at the player’s own risk.

Riot breaks down the reasons for this policy:

  • Our top priority is to preserve the consistency of the in-game experience.
  • We strive to make League the most sportsmanlike, competitive game.
  • We do want to empower the community to contribute to experiences outside of the in-game League experience.

The developer doesn’t want players to feel like they need to look for third party programs just to stay competitive. “When you download League of Legends, we want it to be the complete experience.”

Riot is also concerned about these apps altering the experience and changing the way players interact with others. However, outside of the “core game experience”, the developer is happy to let players use things the community have created to offer more information along with other community creations like videos, fan art and guides.

So there you have it.