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Reddit user asks League of Legends players about their fingers

Positioning your hands in League of Legends isn't as straightforward as you may think, as this Reddit debate rages on about where to place your fingers in game

League of Legends Udyr holds a LoL branded keyboard

We all have our own playstyle in League of Legends, whether you’re a super aggressive hyper-carry like Zed or a malicious, evil, diabolical, pre-meditated psychopath like Teemo. What may not occur to many people, however, is how differently people physically interact with their keyboards while battling on the Rift.

The debate on Reddit was sparked by user Orinnaa, when they discovered in a game that their friends use different finger positioning than they do. Accidently firing off their ultimate ability a couple of times, the friend in question was asked how that keeps happening. Turns out, they were using their index finger for the E, R, D, and F keys.

I know what you’re thinking! ‘But this is totally normal and everyone does this’ right? Wrong. The OP then goes on to explain that they themselves have all four fingers spread across the main for ability keys used in-game.

This then sparked over one hundred different comments of people giving their version of what the perfect finger position is, some opting for the ‘pinky on shift’ and others for the ‘four finger spread’ as I have now dubbed them.

“If you use pinky for Q then you are a psychopath, this is 100% true with no room for debate.” Harsh words, Chase2020J, but true words nonetheless. A user lambasted Chase, asking why you wouldn’t want each key to have its own corresponding finger, to which they replied: “Bc the pinky is a sad excuse for a finger and shouldn’t be given that much responsibility.”

A League of Legends player positions their fingers over the keyboard lit up with RGB

All thumbs, no fingers

There’s a poll added to the Reddit thread, asking people which set-up they use themselves. At the time of writing, the results are as follows:

  • 1.4k – Q, W, E & R each have their own finger (pinky on Q – index on R)
  • 1.6k – Index finger used for E & R
  • 322 – Some other, special way

I don’t know what the other, special ways might be and I’m too scared to ask at this point. In other news, did you see that this League of Legends cosplayer is the Rift (literally)? If you feel like your finger positioning is holding you back, here’s how Facecheck could make you a League of Legends pro, although for anyone using that ‘four finger spread’, even the best gaming keyboard can’t save you as the battle might already be lost.