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League of Legends new items are breaking Illaoi’s cooldowns

The League of Legends new items that accompanied patch 12.22 are managing to break top laner Illaoi, as Riot has responded to a bug that's ruining her cooldowns

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League of Legends new items can certainly take a while to master – especially given just how many there are in League of Legends patch 12.22. It turns out one of these new weapons is interacting with Kraken Priestess and top lane terror, Illaoi, leaving her cooldowns sky high and her ability to fend of foes in tatters.

In a November 16 video showing off the issue in all its horrendous glory, one player shows a huge, seemingly random spike with Illaoi’s ability cooldowns. Her Test of Sprit (E) randomly jumps from an eight second cooldown to 15 as the player looks on helplessly, while her Harsh Lesson (W)’s cooldown is coming in at five seconds when it should be four or below.

Given Harsh Lesson is one of Illaoi’s standard attacks, and Test of Spirit is easily one of the most powerful abilities in her kit, it goes without saying that the bug is pretty game-breaking for those who main the queen of the seas.

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In the League of Legends Reddit’s dedicated bug thread, the player comments “I didn’t die, Sylas didn’t take my ult. Happened after I levelled to 13.”

Game analyst ‘Galaxysmash’ was quick to reply, writing “oh dear this is a big one. We have nailed down the cause and will be shipping out a fix ASAP.”

A second comment notes “in case you are curious, what is happening is that you (Illaoi) are getting cleansed of the bonus effects of your Nautilus’ Radiant Virtue without ever actually benefitting from it. This is due to an extremely unlucky combination of you walking perfectly into range of his Radiant Virtue at a perfect timing, a sort of perfect storm of problems. This should be fixed very soon.”

Radiant Virtue is a new Mythic that accompanied patch 12.22, which adds armour, health, magic resistance, and ability haste. It’s main pull is the Guiding Light passive, but it’s this that has interacted with the Illaoi. Allies within range gain 15 basic ability haste, but this wasn’t applied to Illaoi. Instead, when the mythic’s passive ended, her cooldowns had that 15 haste added back on despite her never benefitting from it. I hope that makes sense, because damn it took me a while.

Hopefully Riot solves this issue relatively soon, especially because it has confirmed that a hotfix is on the way. In the meantime, it may be worth either avoiding Illaoi, or avoiding any support that’s running Radiant Virtue.

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