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League of Legends’ Akali rework has been revealed

Akali rework League of Legends

Akali’s upcoming League of Legends rework has been leaked. The assassin has had a rework scheduled for a long time, and now a full rundown of her new kit has appeared on Reddit, albeit amongst some controversy.

YouTuber and streamer, high-tier Akali main Professor Akali, recently visited Riot’s studios to work with them on the rework, and was due to release a video detailing the champion’s new kit. However, that video showed up today, with no fanfare from Riot, thanks to a leaked copy being uploaded to a different channel. The video has since been taken down following action from Professor Akali, but the champion’s new kit has been recorded in a Reddit thread. Since this story originally went live, Riot has released an official teaser for the rework, which you can watch below.

Check out the League of Legends patch 8.14 notes.

It’s worth remembering that prior notes are works in progress at this point, and it seems that any changes will be balance-based, not mechanical. That means that while the numbers might change a little, Akali’s overall kit should be similar to what’s listed below when she actually goes live.

Akali will also get a brand new VO, as well as a new character model – you can check out the new Akali splash art above (via artist Jessica Oyenheart’s ArtStation). Without further ado, here’s what you can expect to see when the Akali rework goes live:

Assassin’s Mark (P):

Dealing spell damage to a champion creates a circle around them. Crossing the circle causes Akali’s next attack to have doubled range, deal bonus magic damage scaling with AD and AP, and restore 10 energy.

Five Point Strike (Q):

Deals magic damage, scaling with AD and AP, in an area in front of Akali. If cast near full energy, it also heals Akali for a certain amount. At rank 5, Five POint Strike does bonus scaling damage to minions and monsters.

Twilight Shroud (W):

Twilight Shroud restores 40 energy to Akali.

Drop a spreading cover of smoke lasting 5 seconds. The smoke obscures Akali from enemy vision and grants 20% movement speed. The smoke travels outward from a central point. Entering or exiting ‘obscured’ extends Shroud’s duration.

Twilight Shroud is immune to all forms of reveal, including turrets.

Shuriken Flip (E):

Flip backward and fire a shuriken forward, dealing physical damage scaling with AD, and marking the first enemy or smoke cloud hit. On second cast, Akali dashes to the marked target, dealing the same amount of damage.

Shadow Dance (R):

Akali dashes twice. The first dash deals a small stun and deals 120 physical damage, scaling with AD. The second dash is an execute, dealing 120-300 damage plus AP scaling, based on missing health.

You can watch the new teaser below. It shows that all of those abilities seem to be as described, as Akali battles characters including LeBlanc, Darius, and Talon. Interestingly, the tattoos on her back and arm seem to be those hinted at in the original pool party splash art, which has been a long-running fan theory.

You can check out some of Professor Akali’s other videos here, although the footage this information comes from is not yet live. As mentioned above, this is footage from early in the rework, so it is possible that some of this will have changed (and if the reaction on Reddit is anything to go by, that W will have to change). All that said, expect to see much of this kit remain in place in some form or another. As to a release window, Akali could now very easily show up in the next patch or so – think 8.15 or 8.16.