League of Legends’ Champion Mastery system is live; go level up your champions

League of Legends Champion Mastery

After a stint in testing, League of Legends’ new progression system, Champion Mastery, is now live. At least in North America. The rest of the world has to wait just a wee bit longer, probably later today.

With this new system, players can gain points and ranks for their champions based on the team’s performance in the last match. When players rank up, they’ll get rewards like titles, badges and in-game emotes.

The system has been tweaked a bit since testing. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Player tooltips – Player tooltips now indicate the sum of your champion mastery levels across all champions
  • Participating queues – Queues now have an icon that indicates whether or not they grant champion mastery points
  • Ceremony – Added sound effects to end-of-game champion mastery animations
  • Role ranks – Champions now gain new titles based on their primary roles as you gain mastery levels

Got questions? There’s an FAQ for that.