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League of Legends’ new champion teaser promises the destruction of Demacia

The new champion featured in a series of teasers, featuring Demacian characters bound by enormous golden chains

League of Legends developer Riot Games has posted four teaser images offering a first look at one of the next champions heading to the the game. The pictures, which were posted to League of Legends’ online lore hub – the universe – offer a closer look at a champion who was first hinted at back in August.

The images have shown up on the Demacia section of the Universe page, which contains stories pertaining to the utopian city-state and its inhabitants, which include champions like Lux, Garen, and Jarvan IV. Incidentally, it’s those very same champions who show up in those somewhat cryptic teaser images.

You can check out all four pictures in the gallery further down this article, and it shouldn’t take you long to figure out the common theme between them. The first features Lux, her wrists bound in two long, golden chains. In the next, a chained figure sits on a throne – appearing to have removed his crown – as Jarvan’s cataclysmic ult is cast in front of him.

The third image seems to show Quinn falling from the sky as the chains tangle around her, while the final image shows Garen appearing to cast his ultimate, Demacian Justice, on a mysterious figure.

Later, another image was posted on the Brazilian League of Legends account. It looks like a wider shot of the Demacian throne room, this time strewn with wreckage after what looks like a battle. The tweet’s caption translates as “that’s how you divide a kingdom.”

There’s no more information as to what this new character will be called or exactly what they’ll do. My (purely speculative) guess is that they’ll be a high-CC mage, potentially with the ability to take on the abilities of champions they target. Whoever they are, they were first hinted at in a champion roadmap over the summer, where we got our first look at those flashy golden chains.

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As well as a new champion, I’m holding out for some kind of lore event here. All of those images seem to show Demacia in ruins, which would pave the way for League of Legends’ other superpower, Noxus, to fill the power vacuum. There’s no confirmed release date for this new champion just yet, but I’d imagine they’ll release with patch 9.2 in a few weeks’ time.