You can choose the next League of Legends skin

Illaoi skins

Riot are allowing the players to choose one of the next League of Legends skins. From now until November 13, players will be able to choose one of three skin concepts for Illaoi to be developed into a full new cosmetic.

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Illaoi was released nearly two years ago, but in that time, she hasn’t received a skin, other than Void Bringer Illaoi, which was available at her launch. To rectify this obvious mistake, Riot are letting the players choose her new skin.

The three concepts on offer all centre around profoundly different themes. Battlecast Illaoi ties into the rest of the Battlecast skin line, which features some of the most monstrous characters on the rift, including Cho’gath and Urgot, while Adventurer Illaoi channels the Kraken Priestess’ inner Indiana Jones. However, to my mind, the best of the bunch is Deep Space Illaoi, which joins Astronaut Teemo and AstroNautilus. The concept would transform the vessel within which Illaoi carries an ancient sea god into an oozing space monster, and kit Illaoi herself out in a swanky new space suit.

Whatever skin ends up most popular when voting closes on November 13 will be turned into a fully-fledged new skin, and the skin team will keep players updated throughout the process. You can cast your vote here, as well as checking out all three skin concepts in their current form. It’s worth noting that neither names nor appearances as they currently appear are final.