League of Legends patch 5.6 is full of buffed, and ultimately happier, champions

League of Legends patch 5.6

League of Legends patch 5.6 is super buff, all rippling muscles and shiny abs. It looks like some champions weren’t getting enough love. There are a lot of them, and some are bound to occasionally fall by the wayside. Not to worry, though, if one of your favourites has been ignored. They might be in the list of 5.6 champions to get some special attention. 

Riot says that players shouldn’t get used to such buff-heavy patches, because power creep isn’t something that’s going to improve the game, but these champions needed an extra hand, and Riot’s improved them in ways that are “directionally correct”.

Unfortunately, some champions are getting the opposite treatment. In the middle of this bufftravaganza, some nerfs are being doled out.

Direct your eyes here for a full run down of all the changes affecting the champions, buffs and nerfs.