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Here’s what to expect from League of Legends’ 7.24 micro-patch, out today


One last patch is coming to League of Legends before the end of the year. Patch 7.24b (the b stands for balance, apparently) is a mini-patch designed to keep the game ticking over healthily during over the holiday period. As such, we’re not doing a full patch post on it, but you can still get a look at some of the highlights for the next update.

Stay up to date with the rest of the League of Legends patch 7.24 notes.

Riot have divided these notes up based on role this time around, so let’s start with top lane. The aim here was to provide a boost, particularly to melee fighters who are struggling with the new runes. As such, there’s a small damage boost to Tiamat, and small buffs to characters like Kayn, Renekton, Kled, and Aatrox.

Moving to mid lane, runes have also caused some champions to lie well above or below the natural curve, so Riot are tweaking a few more notable outliers to get them back in line. This time around, that means a round of nerfs to Corki, Katarina, Cassiopeia, and Azir. The Sorcery Rune tree is also getting adjusted, with nerfs to Manaflow Band and Scorch, as well to the keystone bonuses that come from picking the sorcery path.

In bot lane, Riot reckon the amount of damage being chucked around is too high, so aggressive poke or engage champions like Miss Fortune, Ezreal, and Leona are all getting nerfed. Lethality items like Serrated Dirk and Edge of Night are also getting tuned down a little.

According to the update times we referenced for our League of Legends Patch 8.1 notes, the micro-patch is set to go out this evening, December 14. Then there’ll be a quieter period over the Christmas period, before the next full patch goes out in mid-January.