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League of Legends Lillia combo in Ultimate Spellbook is totally OP

League of Legends Lillia has a combination of ultimate abilities that can put the entire enemy team to sleep in Ultimate Spellbook regardless of where they are

League of Legends Lillia combo the most OP in Ultimate Spellbook: An evil-looking deer lady stands holding her staff

League of Legends Lillia can be a solid pick on both the top lane and in the jungle, with her speed, damage, and the CC offered by her ultimate offering the perfect tools for demolishing opponents in the popular MOBA. A player has discovered that the Bashful Bloom also has a pretty overpowered combination of ults in Ultimate Spellbook, enabling her to put the entire enemy team to sleep instantly.

For the uninitiated, Ultimate Spellbook is a limited-time game mode on the Rift. It goes the same way a regular match does, except everyone has the option to choose another ultimate ability to go along with their own. So, you could be a Nasus with Cho’Gath ult, for example (a disgusting combination), and be an absolute giant by the end of the game.

Lillia’s ult, Lilting Lullaby, enables her to put an enemy to sleep providing they’ve recently been affected by her passive ability. A player has discovered that pairing this ult with a Karthus one enables Lillia to damage every member of the opposing team, then immediately put them to sleep.

Probably the nastiest combination I’ve found in ultimate spellbook. Lillia with Karthus ultimate. from leagueoflegends

Being able to CC an entire team is incredibly strong; not only does it enable your team to dive their opponents, regardless of position, but each time an opponent wakes up from the Lillia ult, they take a sizable chunk of damage.

Karthillia isn’t the only overpowered combination on Ultimate Spellbook, with some additions capable of tipping a champion over the edge. Jax with Urgot ult, for example, can be an absolute nightmare to lane against – a point-and-click stun mixed with an execute means that simply being near your opponent can signal death. Also, anyone with Cho’Gath ult is an absolute nightmare and has the potential to get hilariously large by the end of a match.

We were recently privy to another cursed combination; this League of Legends Udyr skin being the thing we didn’t know we needed, combining the bearded warrior with the most OP ability of all – nudity. It’s coming up to the spookiest time of year, and Riot is releasing a set of Fright Night League of Legends skins to celebrate all things Halloween.