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A Riot “screwup” accidentally invited League of Legends fans to a private party


League of Legends

An upcoming League of Legends 10th anniversary party sounds like one not to be missed – with food, travel expenses, and a “special day-long” game event included, it seems like a dazzling way to celebrate ten years of LoL. Sadly, it’s an exclusive event – but some players were accidentally ‘invited’ to it by mistake.

User Lassekassebasse took to Reddit (via Dexerto) to say that they had spotted something unusual on their client – an invitation to the party. Reportedly under the title “you’re one of 500,” the invitation – which the user’s included a link to here – offers up some info about the party, due to take place on October 16 in London.

The invite says the event is designed to thank people for supporting League of Legends, but that it’s not open to the public, and “created exclusively for a group of players whom we want to personally thank for their contributions” to the game. Other users have also reported seeing the invite, however, it looks like it the invitations being publicly visible was an accident on Riot’s part – the studio’s now confirmed in another post on Reddit that “it’s a screwup on our part!”

The post, from account Riot Cactopus (LoL Communications Lead) says the problem’s now fixed, but in recognition of user Lassekassebasse’s bringing it to the studio’s attention, it’s now offered to make that number 501 – it’s invited them to attend the party, with all expenses paid, adding “I’m not kidding. DM me your info and we’ll get you set up.” How lovely.

For those who aren’t included in the now 501 partygoers, Riot’s still putting on a bit of a treat. It’ll celebrate the anniversary with a live-streamed event on the same day, with a special edition of the Riot Pls series in honour of ten years of LoL. As well as a nostalgic trip back looking at the game’s history, you’ll also get a glimpse of what’s in store ahead.