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Here’s another teaser for the League of Legends Evelynn rework


Update, September 25: Riot havve released another video for Evelynn’s upcoming rework, giving us more information about how the updated champion will work.

Following the initial teaser for Evelynn’s rework, Riot have released a longer video, giving us a closer look at her new champion model, as well as a better idea of how she’ll work when the update hits.

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The video shows a significant visual update to Evelynn. With bubblegum-pink hair and a love heart very clearly built into her new design, in the first few seconds of the video she comes across as almost cute. That is, until she strikes, at which point she becomes the flurry of spikes and claws that she’s always been, with a few more tricks thrown in.

The video then moves towards a pretty comprehensive look at her new skills. What follows is definitely speculation, but you can check out the whole video for yourself above. It seems as though Evelynn’s Q, Hate Spike, is remaining much the same, as we see her use something that looks a lot like her current ability several times in the video.

After that it gets a little more difficult to tell exactly what’s going on. We see Evelynn occupying a black, shadowy form when she’s out of combat, which might be a replacement for how her passive – which grants her invisibility and mana regeneration – works. She also seems to have an ability that causes her to attack a foe before leaping backwards, away from them. What I’d guess is her ultimate is a wide area-of-effect attack that damages foes in an arc around her.

That leaves one spell out, and it’s difficult to tell exactly how it’ll fit. If I had to guess (again), I’d say she’ll either have a charm, a bit like Ahri’s, which would explain the heart symbol, or a line skillshot – we see her take down a Rengar at the beginning of the video with something that doesn’t look like a basic attack.

Original story, September 21:Riot are teasing the upcoming Evelynn update. In a video first released on theLoL Phillipines Facebook page, we got our first glimpse at Evelynn’s upcoming visual and gameplay rework.

There’s not much to go in the short video, but it’s an interesting starting point. For one thing, a lot of what makes Evelynn unique is staying. She’ll obviously retain her stealth mechanics, and her skills will continue to focus clawing and impaling her enemies. The video is titled ‘Agony’s Embrace’, which is the name of Evelynn’s current ultimate, suggesting that it will be staying in her kit, although I’d guess from the video that she might be getting some sort of suppress, or at least some harder crowd-control.

She’s also keeping her blue-and-purple colour scheme, although it’s slightly more muted than before, and her shocking pink hair is also getting a change. She’s also much more glowy, which suggests her skills might be getting more of a visual presence.

The official League of Legends Facebook page made the most of the announcement, giving us a further taste of the champion’s new kit in a photo captioned ‘Evelynn Rework!!!’.

The Evelynn update will probably hit in patch 7.20, but there’s a slight chance it gets pushed back until 7.21. Either way, we’ll update this post when we know more, and there’ll also be full details attached to the relevant patch notes post when it goes live.