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League of Legends fan owns every skin, so Riot gives them another skin

A diehard League of Legends fan recently got the chance to snag one of several event-only champion skins because they already have every other skin

league of legends lol rare pax twisted fate skin splash art

Avid League of Legends fan Alaskan_Lost appears to be quite the collector. They currently own every skin for every League champion you’re able to obtain by normal methods, so when their ‘my shop’ tab rolled by, it was impossible for it to populate with anything new.


Usually, when a player already has every skin, the shop will show a Golden Alistar for purchase. This is a special skin offered to the completionists out there and is quite the status piece. But what happens if you already have the golden bull?

Because Alaskan_Lost has every skin, including Golden Alistar, their shop appeared to bug out, showing nothing but a ‘reload’ sign. The user was advised to email Riot once their ‘my shop’ had appeared. The message back from the developer allegedly read: “ONE TIME AND ONLY FOREVER ONE TIME”, offering the user a choice to pick a skin from a very special list.

The skins offered to the player aren’t special because they look great – far from it in most cases – but because they were cosmetics offered to players at IRL events around the world, or within special time-limited events in-game. Most of these are very old and are now completely unattainable via normal means. The choices were:

  • PAX Sivir
  • PAX Jax
  • PAX Twisted Fate
  • Riot Singed
  • Rusty Blitzcrank
  • URF Warwick
  • OG Championship Riven

Alaskan_Lost goes on to say they chose PAX Twisted Fate, a skin that was available in 2009 for attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo. The Reddit user says they love TF but that they most definitely “hate this skin’”

The lesser of the evils offered, perhaps, but most definitely the new talking piece of their extensive collection.

If you’ve followed in Alaskan_Lost’s footsteps and bought a whole plethora of skins over the years, you may be interested to find out how much money you’ve spent on League of Legends. You can do so pretty easily, but we’re not responsible for any upset caused.