LoL player goes from unranked to master in 60-hour stream

A Brazilian streamer called Nicklink has managed to hit master rank in LoL without sleeping in a gruelling stream spent in solo queue

LoL Master: League of Legends champion Jax swings his weapon

A League of Legends player has managed to go from unranked to master in a single, 60-hour stream. What makes the gnarly feat even more surprising, though, is that Twitch streamer Nicklink did it in a solo queue without any buddies to help him.

The LoL fan kicked off the challenge on March 11 before finishing 60 hours and 30 minutes later on March 14. While he stopped for the odd bathroom and food break, though, Nicklink didn’t sleep at any point, which is maybe not the healthy choice.

The stream essentially goes as you would expect. Nicklink starts strongly in the lower ranks, winning 18 games on the spin. Matches get more challenging, though, as he grows tired and comes up against the stiffer competition. Still, as Mais Esports points out, he finished with a win rate of 78% over 90 games, with 75 of those games being played on his champion of choice, Jax. The skirmisher is typically a good pick for jungle or top positions as they deal high amounts of damage, though the champ is a tad fragile as a trade-off – as fragile as one might feel after streaming for 60 hours.

You can catch parts of the stream below if you fancy it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a streamer attempt to hit the maximum competitive rank in one run. In 2021, Apex Legends streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An went from bottom to top rank in a single 54-hour stream. I can feel my old bones turn to dust.

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