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You can’t get free League of Legends loot each month anymore

Amazon is cutting back its gaming division, and that means League of Legends players won't be getting any more free monthly loot.

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Prime Gaming’s monthly League of Legends freebies are pretty great. You get free skins and free in-game currency to spend within LoL, just for being an Amazon Prime subscriber. That bad news is that, with cutbacks at Prime Gaming, those freebies are about to end.

Free stuff is pretty great, especially if there’s no strings attached. And if you’re a League of Legends fan with a subscription to Amazon Prime, chances are you’ve been taking advantage of its free drops. Every month, you can claim free skins, and in-game currency for Riot’s MOBA game.

And there really is no downside, provided you remember to claim. This month you can net “350 RP, an epic skin, a mystery ward skin, and more.” Unfortunately, all that is set to stop.

Amazon has decided to scale back its gaming division. That includes laying off 180 staff, closing down its Crown Twitch channel and focusing instead on its popular monthly free games.

“We know delivering free games every month is what they want most, so we are refining our Prime benefit to increase our focus there,” explained Amazon Games VP  Christoph Hartmann.

The fate of Prime’s regular LoL drops was in the air but Riot has now confirmed that they’re ending, with the last arriving in March 2024. This applies to all of Riot’s games meaning that Valorant fans will also be losing their free Amazon capsule drops.

A tweet confirming that League of Legends' monthly free Prime Gaming drops are ending.

Will you be able to get your free RP somewhere else? Right now, there are no immediate plans to replace the promotion. LoL head Andrei van Roon tweeted that, “We’re certainly open to other programs if the context makes sense, not sure what might or might not be out there at present though.”

So it’s possible that capsule drops will return at some point in the future but right now, all that lovely free RP is coming to an end.

I’d expect this to have some small impact on the number of people playing LoL. But as disappointing as this news is, with over 150 million active players, it’s not going to sink League of Legends.

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