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Riot Games hire bestselling Warhammer writer to wrangle League of Legends lore

League of Legends

It’s the internationally unrecognised Total War: Warhammer day! Totally Warhammer, the totality of the time. Even when we’re talking about LoL, we’re really talking about Games Workshop.

Riot Games have appointed a new senior narrative writer to work on League of Legends. His name is Graham McNeill, and he is a bestselling Black Library author.

Of McNeill’s 28 novels, his best known is A Thousand Sons – the 40k Horus Heresy book that told the story of Dan Abnett’s Prospero Burns from the other, Space Wolfier side of the battle. Before that, he spent six years as a game developer at Games Workshop.

He’s taken the job of senior LoL narrative writer in Los Angeles after visiting Riot before Christmas.

“I first spoke with Riot back in December. I went over for an informal chat, not really knowing what to expect, but going in with an open mind,” blogged McNeill.

“The people I met there were fantastic; full of passion and enthusiasm for what they were doing, and I came away feeling I’d had a real meeting of minds with the spirit of Riot’s creative heart. These were people who thrived on the sheer joy of creativity, where every avenue could be explored to see where it went. I came away tremendously excited at the possibility of working within those teams.”

McNeill will be writing about characters who’ve already inspired cosplay, but he’s not entirely new to that: he did a StarCraft novel once. Have you read any of his stuff?