Riot’s skipping Gamescom to take League of Legends on a European road trip

Riot skipping Gamescom

Riot has decided to give this year’s Gamescom a miss. Instead of waiting in Cologne for people to come to them, they are taking League of Legends on the road, hosting more regional and university tournaments, and Europe will be hosting the World Championship this year, spread across different cities. 

Riot explained the decision in a blog post today.

“We know this news will come as a disappointment to some of you, so we wanted to explain the decision a little. The main reason is that, from a community perspective, this year we want to deliver more exciting and dynamic League of Legends experiences in a broader range of locations, unbounded by the restrictions that typically come with exhibiting in massive, shared convention settings.”

Riot’s goal, says the developer, is to help different communities across Europe have more opportunities to go to live events and tournaments.

“We’re not going to gamescom, then, but overall we believe what we do instead will result in a better experience for players all over Europe. There will be more opportunities throughout the year to attend live events and engage with the community through specifically tailored League of Legends experiences.”

More information on the various European events will be available once Riot’s nailed down the details, but now you know not to buy a ticket to Gamescom if you’re primarily going for League of Legends.