Nice League of Legends players will get an exclusive skin

Riot has explained in a new blog post that it wants to reward League of Legends players for playing nicely with each other with an exclusive skin

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You’ll soon get an exclusive League of Legends skin for being an overall swell person. Riot Games has spelt out what it’s doing to combat toxicity in the popular MOBA game, and some of it involves rewarding good players rather than simply punishing the bad ones.

If you manage to reach rank five in Honour next season, you’ll pick up a new skin as part of the end-of-season rewards alongside a new special recall VFX. Riot is staying tight-lipped about what the skin will actually look like, so sit tight for more information there. If you’ve been out of the loop, Riot initially introduced the Honour system to encourage positive behaviour. You can get commendations in games for being friendly, positively leading the team, or just being chill. Getting these commendations allows you to level up in rank, eventually leading to specific rewards.

“Behavioural systems shouldn’t just be about punishing bad players—it should also reward great ones,” behavioural systems product lead Hana Dinh says. “When we first released Honour 2.0 in 2018, it was the first rewards system of its kind, and we saw an incredible response from you all. But we’ve failed to update it over the past few years and it’s fallen short of your expectations.”

Dinh also says that the team is rolling out punishments to players who are reported for being abusive on the champion selection screen. While Riot added the ability to report players back in 2020, it’s only now that the punishments will start rolling in.

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“Another area we lost some of your confidence in is champion selection reporting,” Dinh says. “Although we have been monitoring these reports, we didn’t add punishments for them accordingly as promised.

“Champ selection reports only make up about 3.2% of reports today, but we know that your experience in every part of the game still matters. I’m happy to share that we are tying punishments to champ selection reports, and you’ll see an update on that in a patch coming very soon.”

In other news, League of Legends’ 12.6 patch is currently on the PTR with some very flashy Anima Squad skins.

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