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Faker, Bang, and Wolf will all stay with SK Telecom for League of Legends’ 2018 season


Faker, Blank and UnTara will all be staying with SKT T1 for League of Legends’ 2018 competitive season. A press release has confirmed most of next year’s lineup for the three-time World champions.

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The contracts of SKT’s Faker, Blank, and Untara (who play mid, jungle, and top respectively) have all been renewed, and a new contract has been offered to Effort, the team’s trainee support. Bang and Wolf’s contracts both remain intact, and they will be staying with the team.

Elsewhere in the organisation, former head coach RapidStar’s contract has ended, and the team will be recruiting a new coach. Kk0ma has been promoted to head coach in place of RapidStar.

Huni, who replaced Untara as the team’s top-laner during this year’s Worlds tournament, is “currently undergoing transfer process,” and has yet to announce where he will be playing in the next season.