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League of Legends turret bug finally spotted after days

League of Legends turrets are currently bugged, meaning they're doing less damage to champions than intended, but Riot Games haven't noticed

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Anyone who plays a laning League of Legends champion will know that your tower is your safe space – it’s the home base that will see an aggressive enemy back off and the thing that will fight you for your minions if CSing isn’t going well. Being dove underneath your turret isn’t uncommon, but with some clever movement and good technical skills, it’s usually survivable.

Recently, however, it’s come to light that your turret might not have been the haven you previously thought, as YouTube content creator Vandiril explains in this post. The way turrets are supposed to work is that with each subsequent hit on an enemy champion, the damage values go up, all the way to 120%. However, the recent discovery shows that the turret damage doesn’t increase past 40%, meaning that the enemy can withstand more shots and you’re waiting to respawn in the fountain wondering where it all went wrong.

Vandiril goes on to give examples of this bug, showing screenshots of an esports match that happened this week – a Fiora dives the enemy top lane under their turret, takes more shots than she would normally be able to, and walks away with her life. It’s unclear whether Riot will address this, with some calling into question the integrity of the matches played.

This isn’t quite the first time that a bug has affected the core gameplay on the Rift, in 2020 it was discovered that the red team’s cannon minions had a shorter attack range than the ones on the blue side. This is something that had apparently been in the game’s code for over 10 years, with only the diligent work of a Reddit user exposing the flaw.

Riot has acknowledged the current issues with the turrets and has promised a fix to be implemented soon. As of the League of Legends Patch 12.15, and the newest PBE patch, however, the bug appears to still be active.