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League of Legends Worlds song with Lil Nas X has totally divided fans

The League of Legends Worlds song created by Lil Nas X has divided fans,, with many complaining it just isn't hype enough for Riot's biggest esports competition

League of Legends Worlds song with Lil Nas X has totally divided fans: five people stand in a line, just in front of some giant mechs

League of Legends Worlds songs have become an important part of the yearly hype machine for the MOBAs biggest event, and this year is no different. Star Walkin’ is an upbeat pop tune created by the social media superstar and all-around talent monster Lil Nas X – but it has most definitely divided League fans, with a lot of people stating it just isn’t hype enough.

Lil Nas X’s first decree when they became League of Legends president was to have their new song Star Walkin’ play whenever anything happens in the office; your phone rings? Star Walkin’. Sending a document to the printer? Star Walkin’. Want to sanitise your hands? Star Walkin’!

It’s actually quite fitting that the office workers will be subject to the pop tune constantly, as anyone who’s up for watching Worlds will be faced with the same prospect, like it or not.

This marks the first time that Riot has released a Worlds song that it didn’t produce in-house. Even when bands like Imagine Dragons lend their talents to League of Legends, it’s under the watchful eye of the game developer. The Lil Nas X release, however, appears to have been in existence before the League connection was made, and that’s where some fans’ disappointment begins to stem from.

Comments under the official music video for Star Walkin’ are mixed, with a lot of people enjoying the song, but perhaps not the mech-themed video: “I mean, I like the song but it did literally nothing to hype me up.” another user adds: “I think part of it is that it didn’t really seem to match the video. To the extent that I wonder if the video was for a song that got scrapped in the 11th hour and they put this one in instead.”

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This next comment in particular echoes my own sentiment: “Song is catchy, video is cool, but somehow together they don’t work too well.” Both are independently cool and merit their inclusion, but it doesn’t seem to mesh the way that 2018’s RISE did, for example. A music video that matched the lyrics – showing a warrior’s rise to the summit of their craft (and a mountain), defeating every opponent in their way.

Perhaps Star Walkin’ lacks the dynamism we’re used to when it comes to League of Legends cinematics. Either way, mechs are cool, and the song itself is catchy as hell (especially if you play it at 1.25 speed). The Worlds build recently went live, and you can see all of the changes here with the League of Legends 12.18 patch notes. There are also some potential changes in the works; for instance, did you know that Blitzcrank might soon be terrorising the top lane? If you didn’t, you do now, and I’m sorry in advance.