Evil Geniuses rumored to be getting into League of Legends, recruiting former CLG.EU team


The Evil Geniuses eSports team has been conspicuously absent from the League of Legends competitive scene, and CEO Alex Garfield told us in December about some of the reasons he has hesitated to move his team in LoL. Now it sounds like Evil Geniuses may be preparing to make its move into pro League of Legends by recruiting the former CLG.EU team, according to a report from GameSpot.

The five-man LoL squad of Henrik “Froggen” Hansen, Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis, Peter “YellowPete” Wüppen, Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels, and Mike “Wickd” Petersen cut ties with the Counter-Logic Gaming organization at the very end of 2012, a year in which they distinguished themselves as one of the premier League of Legends teams in the world with strong showings at the Season 2 Playoffs, MLG Dallas, and IPL5. According to GameSpot, both Evil Geniuses and Korean progaming outfit Azubu began working to acquire the roster, with EG eventually coming to agreement with the team. Supposedly, the agreement is already a done-deal, although nothing has been confirmed and Evil Geniuses have not replied to requests for comment.

Still, it’s an idea that makes a lot of sense just on its face. Garfield told us last month that, “I think the challenge for me is just to find the right brand representatives for EG. So I’ve been perfectly happy to wait and sit on the sidelines and let some of those guys grow up a little bit.” This is a roster that would likely address many of the concerns he raised.

Charismatic in their own right, with distinctive personalities and play styles, and with a proven track record in the last year, the former CLG Europe team is just the kind of known-quantity that Evil Geniuses are known for recruiting. While nothing has been confirmed at all from the EG organization, it’s hard to believe there’s no fire behind all this smoke.