League of Legends to get ARAM Mode in next patch


Those of you familiar with Heroes of Newerth might also be familiar with ‘ARAM’, a player encouraged game mode that turns out to be quite a lot of fun. It stands for ‘All Random, All Mid’, and features everyone on the team, err, going random, and then going mid. It’s not really all that complicated. But it is an awful lot of fun. And it’s coming to League of Legends.

It takes the careful duelling of one-on-one that you see in the normal three-lane game, and points a finger squarely at it before laughing heartily, and then bopping one another on the head and laughing some more. It’s all teamfights, all the time, and you barely even care about the minions that trickle past you. You just get kills, glorious kills, in a never ending stream of hilarious team-based death.
League of Legends is getting ARAMin a reworked version of the Proving Grounds, LoL’s tutorial map, that’s being brought in in the next patch. It won’t actually be playable on patch day, but it is already on the PBE, and should be activated for Custom Games in the near future. Let’s hope it’s wildly popular and becomes an official mode, because if HoN is anything to go by, ARAM is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.