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League of Legends Season 3 item shop simulator lets you prepare for the new patch


The holidays are right around the corner and it’s past time to start working on that shopping list. But what are you going to get that special Summoner in your life for Season 3? You could painstakingly look up item builds for next season, or you could play around with this excellent simulator from Reddit user “microtony”.

The S3 Item Shop Simulator is laid out according to the upcoming Season 3 interface (this cannot come soon enough for my taste) and is a fun way to to window shop for your different summoners. It doesn’t have all the functionality it could, since the buy button is not functional and you don’t seem to be able to play around with different item builds, but it’s nicely organized and cross-indexed. As one person on Reddit pointed out, it would be nice to see something like this connected to a proper build calculator so we could generate customized builds and see how they affect stats.

Still, this simulator will at least give you a chance to play around with the new interface and internalize the locations of all your favorite gear. That means less time back at the shop in-game, and more time spent laning and ganking. Or, in my case, more time watching the spawn timer.