Riot Games open Sydney office, already hiring


Riot Games, the developer behind the enormously successful MOBA League of Legends, yesterday announced that they have opened an office in Sydney, Australia, to cover the Oceania region.

Riot Sydney is already looking to hire two new staff for the office, an Esports Co-ordinator and a Community Manager. If you happen to be passing by and fancy a job, they’re listed here.

Sydney Rioters, as the studio calls them, will “craft unique experiences
on the web and on the ground to support the growing League of Legends
community in the Oceania region,” according to the official statement,
and are “just getting started.”

Riot already have offices based in Ireland, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea and Russia, as well as two in the United States, while China has to make do with the League of Legends restaurant.

League of Legends Season Three is now well underway and we’re providing regular updates on all the action.