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Riot unleash Honor on League of Legends community, encourage players to reward good behavior


At last, Riot have found a place for honor in this tarnished, post-Romantic world! It will now be used to organize the League of Legends community and encourage it toward more social, helpful behaviors.

We already had hints of this, but today Riot have activated the honor system and explained how it works. The bottom line is that you get a finite amount of Honor points that replenish over time (sort of like an allowance) that you can spend to reward other players for making your play experience better. They can do the same to you.

Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin, designer at Riot, explained that Riot have already anticipated some exploits and headed them off, “For the average, responsible user, you will probably never run out of Honor. However, players who spam or trade Honor will soon find themselves with nothing left in the bank to award.” Likewise, you get the most honor from complete strangers, so it’s not like you will profit from collecting kudos from your pals.

You can collect honor in four categories: Helpful, Friendly, Teamwork, and Honorable Opponent. While the rewards for having high honor are not clear yet, the FAQ page says Riot will look toward providing bonuses to honorable summoners.