Learn the tricks of Titanfall before open beta kicks off

Titanfall tricks

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

With Titanfall just about to enter open beta, Respawn has thrown together a quick video teaching prospective soldiers and mech pilots the ins, outs, tips and tricks of the mech ‘n run shooter. Running, wall running, running on roofs, running away from enemies, running to enemies, there’s a hell of a lot of running.

Lead artist Joel Emslie, producer Drew McCoy, game director Steve Fukuda and community manager Abbie Heppe drop some knowledge in the video, hopefully leading to you surviving for more than a minute when you finally get your mitts on the game.

You should stick to the high ground, use walls to run across to other buildings, always be on the move, but you can be a bit devious, too. McCoy suggests – when fleeing an enemy – running into a building, jumping up above the door, sticking your knife in the wall so you can dangle there, and then when your foe comes to look for you, “pop him”. Sneaky.

The open beta kicks off tomorrow, running until the 19th, but Respawn is still accepting registrations if you’re a little bit on the slow side.