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Steam's first level 1,000 user owns over 5,000 games

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For most of us the current Steam sale represents a time to catch up on those games we couldn't afford or justify first time round, but for one user it represents a boosting opportunity.

If you want to start your collection but don't have the cash, these are the top free games on Steam.

PalmDesert, a supposedly Japanese user on Steam's vast network of gamers, has become the first person to climb over level 1,000 in the ranking system – 1,049, for accuracy.

After Steam introduced the user level system in 2013, along with trading cards and emoticons and backgrounds and countless other things most of us ignore in the pursuit of actually playing games, PalmDesert began a quest to be the best.

Now, with 5,029 games in his library, and 3,372 DLC packs, he's most of the way to owning all 9,000-odd items in the Steam catalogue, but more importantly he's top of the rankings and four figures in levels.

So what does the man with almost every game on PC play in his spare time between buying games? Left 4 Dead 2 apparently. He's sunk 943 hours in.

Cheers to Kotaku for keeping track of this important endeavour.

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Shriven avatarWhiteCrow avatarNihlusGreen avatarBelimawr avatarUngwe Lianti avatarfpr1990 avatar
Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

How many are on the Press Accounts?

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

Not unlike what some people do in MMOs, the account is most likely owned by several people, or at least funded. Not very pragmatic for gaming purposes, but still a cool feat nonetheless.

NihlusGreen Avatar
1 Year ago

His profile seems to be customised to him only

Belimawr Avatar
1 Year ago

that would be because steam like most other things say you can't share an account, so to admit it was more than one person would likely lead to Valve taking action against him for account sharing.

Ungwe Lianti Avatar
Ungwe Lianti(1 day 12 hours played)
1 Year ago

Well, I've got more games then that and almost as many DLC's but damn, that LVL. It's like 5usd/level already at 147.

fpr1990 Avatar
1 Year ago

sorry guys: