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If anyone can do it: Platinum developing a Legend of Korra game

Legend of Korra

It’s rare that I pay much attention to movie or TV tie-ins. They are invariably bad. But one of my favourite shows, The Legend of Korra, combined with one of the best action developers, Platinum Games – well, then my interest is piqued.

The Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta developer is creating a third-person action game based on the steampunk and martial arts fantasy cartoon, and it’s due out this autumn. 

The game will bridge the gap between the second and third season, which starts tomorrow. So you might want to catch up if you’re behind.

Writing duties have fallen to Tim Hendricks, who has written for both Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

While Korra will have to use her bending abilities to fight off chi-blockers and mecha-tanks, she’ll also have to duke it out against other benders in pro-bending matches. As pro-bending is my favourite not-a-real-sport; I couldn’t be more pleased.

Do you think Platinum will be able to avoid the curse of the tie-in?

Cheers, IGN.