This free browser game gives you a daily Lego build

What can you build with 20 bricks?

In these trying times, we all need to take time for a bit of daily relaxation. Yes, you and I both probably have a backlog 200 games deep, but I’m talking small-scale – a little, everyday ritual. Like, for example, a five-minute Lego build. That’s exactly the idea behind Let’s Go Build A ____, a new browser game that asks you to build a tiny construction under an extreme set of constraints.

Let’s Go Build A ____ is available on (via Rock Paper Shotgun), and fills in that titular blank with your choice of a daily or random challenge – today’s daily is album cover, for example. You get a selection of basic bricks in a variety of colours to build that thing with, and you have to make your creation with less than 20 bricks.

It’s a fun little challenge, and one that’s surprisingly taxing on your creativity. Just how do you represent a leafy houseplant within the constraints of a small number of bricks, anyway? (My answer, as you can see above, is “very poorly”.)

Creator David King is encouraging players to share their builds with the hashtag #LetsGoBuildA on Twitter, and the results have been pretty fun so far.

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