LEGO The Hobbit begins the journey to reclaim the Lonely Mountain in April

LEGO The Hobbit arrives in April

Stick hair on your feet, grab your comically oversized beard and try not to stand on loose blocks: LEGO The Hobbit is arriving in April. Launching on April 8th in the US and 11th in Europe, the blocky adventure covers the first two Peter Jackson films, Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug.

The films… well they aren’t very good. Unnecessarily long, absurdly padded, completely inconsistent – they are dreary, if beautiful affairs. Yet I’m excited, because Traveller’s Tales don’t appear to know how to make games that aren’t insanely fun and incredibly addictive.

Players will have the likes of Gandalf, Bilbo and their stout dwarf chums to play around with, smashing piles of LEGO and battering toy orcs as take on quests throughout their journey to fallen dwarf kingdom under the Lonely Mountain.

Locations players will encounter run the gamut from the iconic Bag End, home of Bilbo; Goblin-town, where the adventurers fight Dame Edna and his minions; and the elven lands of Rivendell and Mirkwood.

Expect wise cracking short people and giant spiders.

Cheers, CVG.